Retroplay sells the following items: Nintendo 8-bit, Supernintendo and Nintendo 64 original game consoles and accessories.

The goods are "refurbished", ie cleaned, checked and nicely packed.

The range will be continuously expanded.



Retroplay sells to private individuals, companies, municipalities / county councils and retailers.


Prices and Payment

Each item is stated with price including VAT. In the shopping cart you can see the total price including all fees, VAT, shipping and payment.

Retroplay applies the rules on profit margin taxation to used goods.

Payment terms are stated in the shopping cart depending on the chosen payment method.
Shipping terms are stated in the shopping cart depending on the chosen shipping method


Payment Method

You can choose from the following payment options:

1. Klarna: Invoice, Partial payment, Visa, Mastercard or Internet banking. Local variations. 

2. Paypal: Visa, Mastercard, American Express


Shipping Method

We have two shipping methods:


2. UPS: Worldwide


Shipping Cost

For orders within EU/Europe: EUR 19 will be charged for shipping.

For orders worldwide: EUR 39 will be charged for shipping.



Your right of withdrawal (withdrawal period) is valid for 14 days. In your message to us, it must be clear that you regret it. The withdrawal period begins on the day you received the item or a significant part of it.

You have no right of withdrawal if you have broken the seal or played the game or console you received.

When you have exercised your right of withdrawal:
You are obliged to keep the product in as good a condition as when you received it. You must not use it, but of course carefully examine it. If the product is damaged or lost due to negligence, you lose the right of withdrawal.


Warranty 1 year

We provide a 1 year warranty on all products. Original receipt must be saved for the guarantee to apply. In the event of an intervention / modification of a purchased product, the warranty is forfeited.


Delivery time

The delivery time is stated in the shopping cart under each shipping method. If an item has a different delivery time, it is stated next to each item. Goods normally have two different stock status and delivery time:

1. In stock (delivery within 5-7 days)

2. Order item (Delivery normally within 3-4 weeks)

Deviating delivery time to above is announced via email.


Uncollected packages

Uncollected goods are returned to us. For all packages that are not redeemed, we reserve the right to charge you costs for return shipping, handling fee and handling fee, currently EUR 25.



Returns are made at your own expense unless the item is defective or if we have packed incorrectly. Returns should be sent as a letter or package, not against cash on delivery. In case of exchanges, we pay the new shipping from us to you.

When you have exercised your right of withdrawal, you must send or return it to us.

Refund Obligation:

We shall, if you have exercised your right of withdrawal, repay what you have paid for the product as soon as possible or no later than within 30 days from the day we received the product or, if it is a service, the notification that you have regretted. You must pay the return costs yourself when you return the item. We always pay the return cost for sending back so-called replacement goods.

We follow EU e-commerce rules: 



On 25 May 2018, the new Data Protection Regulation, also known as the GDPR, entered into force. The General Data Protection Regulation is a common law that applies to all EU / EEA countries. Our spring operations are adapted in accordance with current regulations, both in terms of organization and technology.

In order to maintain our business and provide good service to our customers, we need to collect some personal information. We collect and store personal data in order to be able to fulfill agreements with our customers. In addition, personal data is stored for invoicing and marketing purposes.

Personal information is stored on the customer card and on orders placed in the store. If you choose to receive e-mails, your e-mail address is stored in an e-mail list.

The technical solution on which our store rests meets GDPR requirements both in terms of security and fulfillment of registered rights. Evalent, which is our supplier, also provides an agreement where they undertake to meet the requirements set by GDPR.

According to GDPR, you as the owner of personal data have the right to information about what is stored about you.

You have the right to have incorrect information corrected.
You have the right to be deleted from various registers.
You have the right to limit the processing of data.
You have the right to move your personal data and object
You have the right to complain about data handling and may be entitled to damages.


More detailed information on GDPR: